Saturday, July 01, 2006


I hate it when some girls project this angel-virgin-like image, denying they ever had sex, that they do not know what the word sex means, and asking what a vagina is.

I could have dumped them an anatomy book and lectured them on the reproductive system. First, it is impossible that they do not know what a vagina is. They have one. So why shouldn't they know? I know of some girls who are like this, believe me. Then after that, they will admit to me that they are not virgins anymore. Duh.

Some girls even deny that they already have sex. They keep asking me on how to kiss, what are the steps in making love. One of my classmates asked me last week if there are any techniques or steps in sex, she told me she never did that. I answered her back of course, being the kind bitch that I am. I told them they are not to memorize any steps in making love. It has to be spontaneous. You do not need a college degree to know about love making! And then another question follows. That same girl asked me, "Ate, I'm delayed for a month. Am I pregnant?" See, I told you she was experienced even before she asked me the steps in making love.

Nagmamalinis masyado ang iba eh. I know for a fact that more and more people are into premarital sex nowadays. Some even go for one night stands. I'm proud to say, I've never had a one night stand. I can not think of it as making love. That's my thought anyway.

Orgasm **Pfffttt**

I have an active sex life, and for some reason, I am dissatisfied with it.

I have to admit that my partner aka my BF doesn't provide me this so-called orgasm frequently. In fact, after a year of being together, I can count how many times I've cummed.

Imagine my face, almost reaching orgasm, when, out of nowhere, he will be spurting his ejaculate on me. Bye bye orgasm again. I've already talked to him about it. And he answered me, "if you're tired with me, just leave me".

What an answer. So much for breaking the barriers of communication between a couple.

I've always asked myself if there was something wrong with me. Am I good? Am I boring? Or am I just too 'kind' to let him have that heavenly feeling all the time and leave me hanging.

I once thre a tantrum simply because he didn't wait for me. He felt bad. I didn't talk to him after that. Well, I did. The next day.

I've tried talking to him again but he diverts the subject away from sex. No hope I guess...


For some reason, I have noticed that I am more interested in seeing women than men. I do not think I am lesbian though.

Me thinks it's because I have a tendency to idolize much. Especially girls, who have everything and are perfectly endowed with secondary sex characteristics. I, for once, am guilty of not being happy with the way my body looks. I've always fantasized about me being so sexy like Beyone Knowles.

On the other hand, I wonder why I am not interested in seeing guys naked. Or macho guys. Or even handsome guys. My friends have told me I don't have the talent in looking for guys who are good-looking. I should defend that. I don't care what a guy looks like. Yeah, I know that's a never ending cliche.

While some women go gaga over a picture of a man, half naked, just exposing a little bit of his reproductive organ, I have not found myself in such a situation. I do not despise these women. In fact, go ahead. That's your life not mine. But I'm just wondering why I'm not like them.

I don't think I'm a lesbian though. I just like to look at women and dream that I will be like them. However, I'm wondering too, if I'm normal or not.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hot Last Night

Last night, I was with my boyfriend. I was getting ready for a night of you know what. But then, he slept. I was so horny I had to touch myself instead. I wonder why guys are like that. I mean, if he is not up to it, and we women are up to it, nothing would happen! For now, I'm just happy he didn't catch me touching myself. Poor me.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Need for Sex

SEX when discussed here in the Philippines usually produces controversial issues. I do not deny that and indeed it is. However, this entry does not intend to portray the sexual act nor will I post images of women who are butt-naked and are dressed (or not dressed) scantily.

As a college student, I have been introduced to a theory in psychology, the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It consists of a pyramid with 5 levels. The four lower levels are grouped together as deficiency needs associated with physiological needs, while the top level is termed growth needs associated with psychological needs. While our deficiency needs must be met, our being needs are continually shaping our behaviour. The bottom level is the PHYSIOLOGICAL NEED and the top level is the ESTEEM NEED.

But that's not the point here.

My teacher once asked us where SEX should be categorized. Of course, the mere utterance of sex created a stir in the class and inevitably lead to a discussion cum debate of the said topic. I, for once, asked myself. Where the hell does SEX belong? I can still remember how the bored faces of my classmate suddenly lit up with the introduction of the topic. Sex nga naman.

And then, the answer, IT IS a physiological need. By the word physiological, it means, that we NEED it and without these needs, our bodies will not achieve homeostasis. Picture me as a cartoon character with a bubble of thoughts. And inside that bubble thought is Aha! So we need it!

No wonder guys and girls alike have craved for it over the centuries. I mean, without sex, I wouldn't be here now typing away as my housework remains unattended. And you, will not be reading this if not for sex!

Some people enter relationships just for the sex of it.
Is that gramatically correct? Or should I say they enter relationships for the heck of it?

My friends who are younger than me sometimes ask me if sex is needed in a relationship and if they should give up their virginity to their boyfriends.

I answered them back with an advice I gave myself. That if ever I wanted to have sex with someone, and lose my virginity, I should make sure that I LOVE that person and I know that

I was also asked if SEX was needed to ensure a successful relationship. I do think that sex is needed in a relationship. If you really love each other, have occasional petting and such, I do not know why it will not lead to both of you thinking of doing it with each other. Does that sound strange? If people have developed this trust and intimacy, then I do not see why they have to stop themselves. Sex is an expression (take note, it's not the ultimate expression) of love it is always beautiful when you have done it with someone you love.

Although sex is optional, (I sound like a form in a webpage)FOR ME, it's a part of a healthy relationship. The expression of love varies and sex is one such form. Imagine yourself in a relationship with no sex. Can you actually picture it? Or maybe you can't even dwell on that fact and will continually have nightmares about not having a sex life.

The carnal cravings of persons can't be denied. It is there. And God knows how you'd satisfy that but I have stated my point. We need sex. The world needs sex.

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